Install namebench from google to test dns response on Centos

Install namebench from google to test dns response on Centos

yum install tkinter


tar xvfvz namebench-1.3.1-source.tgz

cd namebench-1.3.1


It should automatically start like this:

namebench 1.3.1 - best source (automatic) on 2016-08-29 17:00:06.588538
threads=40/2 queries=250 runs=1 timeout=3.5 health_timeout=3.75 servers=11
- Reading Top 2,000 Websites (Alexa): data/alexa-top-2000-domains.txt (0.7MB)
- Reading Cache Latency Test (100% hit): data/cache-hit.txt (0.1MB)
- Reading Cache Latency Test (100% miss): data/cache-miss.txt (0.1MB)
- Reading Cache Latency Test (50% hit, 50% miss): data/cache-mix.txt (0.1MB)
- Reading Mozilla Firefox: /root/.mozilla/firefox/e3z6bpz8.default/places.sqlite (10.0MB)
- Generating tests from Mozilla Firefox (68 records, selecting 250 automatic)
- Selecting 250 out of 45 sanitized records (random mode).

- Checking query interception status...
- Checking connection quality: 1/3...3/3
- Congestion level is 0.88X (check duration: 35.20ms)
- Checking latest sanity reference
- Building initial DNS cache for 4515 nameservers (40 threads)
- Checking nameserver availability (40 threads): 0/4515...............


  1. another way is:
    git clone
    cd namebench


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