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Spacewalk installation problems

Spacewalk installation problems Error: Tomcat failed to start properly or the installer ran out of tries . Please check / var / log / tomcat */ catalina . out for errors . Solution: yum install geronimo-jta-1.1-api.noarch /usr/sbin/spacewalk-service restart   Error: ** Verifying certificate locally. There was a problem validating the satellite certificate: 1   The most current Red Hat Proxy Server installation process against RHN hosted requires the upload of an SSL tar archive that contains the CA SSL public certificate and the web server's key set. Generating the web server's SSL key set and CA SSL public certificate archive:     /root/ssl-build/test1.localdomain/rhn-org-httpd-ssl-archive-test1.localdomain-1.0-1.tar Deploy the server's SSL key pair/set RPM:     (NOTE: the Red Hat Satellite or Proxy installers may do this step for you.)     The "noarch" RPM needs to be deployed to the machine working as a     web server, or Red Hat Satellite, or R

How to check cisco interface index number

How to check cisco interface index number  Remotely via SNMP:  snmpwalk -c {community-name} -v 2c {IP} ifName for example: snmpwalk -c public -v 2c ifName  Locally on Cisco device: > enable # show snmp mib ifmib ifindex

[Solved] Nagvis weather map (traffic map) and Centreon & Nagios

To fix weather maps (traffic maps) with Nagvis and Nagios & Centreon you have to fix 3 things: 1. You have to modify the code of the check script (check_centreon_snmp_traffic). In this script you have to modify the following line : printf("|traffic_in=".$in_perfparse_traffic_str."Bits/s;$warningBit;$criticalBit;0;$speed_card traffic_out=".$out_perfparse_traffic_str."Bits/s;$warningBit;$criticalBit;0;$speed_card\n"); and replace with: printf("|traffic_in=".$in_perfparse_traffic_str."Bits/s;$warningBit;$criticalBit;0;$speed_card traffic_out=".$out_perfparse_traffic_str."Bits/s;$warningBit;$criticalBit;0;$speed_card load_In=".$in_usage."%%;$warningBit;$criticalBit;0;0 load_Out=".$out_usage."%%;$warningBit;$criticalBit;0;0 traffic_In=%.2f".$in_prefix."b;".$warningBit.";".$criticalBit.";0;0 traffic_Out=%.2f".$out_prefix."b;".$warningBit.&quo