vmware player mounting /dev/vg_server/lv_root on /sysroot failed: No such device

If you got this problem after converting live Centos 6.5 into VMplayer image

1. Download minimal image of centos
2. mount this image at VMplayer
3. boot from minimal Centos image
4. go to Rescue mode
5. run bash
6. type 
 chroot /mnt/sysimage
 cd /boot
mkinitrd -v -f initrd and press TAB to autocomplete so command should looks like:

mkinitrd -v -f initrd2.6.32-431.3.1.img 2.6.32-431.3.1
wait until finished.
8. type exit and again exit and from main menu choose reboot
9. boot from local drive 

if still does not work

follow again points 1-6

7. you have to recreate initramfs - at first create a backup copy of the current initramfs: 
cp -p /boot/initramfs-$(uname -r).img /boot/initramfs-$(uname -r).img.bak

8. Now create the initramfs for the current kernel, type
dracut -f

** If you need to build it for a specific kernel version (replace the version appropriately):

dracut -f /boot/initramfs-2.6.32-431.3.1.el6.x86_64.img 2.6.32-431.3.1.el6.x86_64

9. type exit and again exit and from main menu choose reboot
10. boot from local drive 



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